The Ripped Games 12-3-17 - Sara Cantillo

I will be photographing The Ripped Games 4 at the Bergeron Rodeo Grounds this Sunday! Looking forward to seeing y'all!

I WILL BE TAKING PHOTOS OF ONLY THOSE ATHLETES WHO REGISTER AND PAY PRIOR TO THE EVENT.  The fee is $70 per team. I will be marking all registered athletes' on the day of competition so I know who my clients are for the day. It is your responsibility to check in with me to get marked prior to the start of your first WOD. I will be at everyone's first WOD of the day. Please come find me and get marked!   I WILL NOT TAKE PHOTOS OF YOU IF YOU ARE NOT PROPERLY MARKED. I cannot give refunds if you do not check in with me.

This package includes 5 edited images of each athlete. Although, you will likely receive more than that. You will have full access to your photos in a gallery on my website. By purchasing this package, you are consenting to the use of these images without compensation in any editorial, promotional or advertising material produced and/or published by The Ripped Games, CrossFit Ripped, Sara Cantillo Photography or any of the event's sponsors.

These photos may not be used by the athlete or anyone else for commercial purposes. If the athlete has sponsors or corporate partners who may want to use these photos for commercial purposes, please contact me to obtain a commercial use license.

Thank you, and see you all on Sunday!

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